Kalei’s general philosophy is straightforward: Respecting your environment, and that means not bothering it or anyone in it. Challenging the bare minimum regardless of the norms, all the while respecting others’ personal choice. Giving as much back to those who make it possible. And at the tip of this are the farmers. Every Kalei cup tries to give the maximum reward to those who nurtured it in the first place.Kalei mostly serves single origin coffee, sourced directly from the farmer when possible and roasted on premise by a Master Roaster certified by the Specialty Coffee Association. Seasonal coffees are always on rotation. Just like wine has its terroir, coffee has different flavor profiles that reflect the environment it came from. Kalei does medium roasts for this very reason – to make sure not to lose the factors that make the coffees we select interesting.

Yes, that general feeling of acidity you detect is intentional and is a call for you to close your eyes and detect the array of balanced flavor notes that will start visiting your senses. Deconstruct the notes and try to guess what you taste. It’s meant to be fun and there’s a coffee for everyone.

our approach to classic items

We created our own blend of Lebanese coffee. It’s nowhere near what you may be used to drinking at home, but there’s room for everything under the sun. And for when you fancy a cold coffee, we have more than just your classic cold versions of coffee drinks. In addition to a variety of cold brewed coffees, we offer a slow drip (left to drip for…hours) and a specials menu of house creations such as our own version of the 3-in-1. The only coffee mate as far as we’re concerned is your environment.

It would be unfair to have a balcony and garden as lush as this without some outstanding cocktails and spirits to go with it. And since our rule of thumb is to make some of our favorite things accessible, we incorporated the below, while following a no sponsorship, no favoring approach. We select what we find to be the best in its category. Our cocktails are made with fresh everything. Not too sweet not too sour – by now you’ve probably gathered that we look for the perfect balance in everything. All syrups are homemade. A section of our cocktails menu includes coffee-based creations using cold brew and actual ground coffee. Local wines only, featuring up and coming wineries.  Special edition bottles of whiskey. Local beer is on draft (IPA and unfiltered beer) with an exciting variety of fine imported beers.

We rotate freshly squeezed, seasonal fruit juices on our specials menu. And no, we do not serve soft drinks. Instead, we make refreshing, natural versions of things you love all from scratch. Think homemade ginger ale.

Respecting your environment means respecting the seasons. The menu at Kalei adopts to the freshest, available produce. We source our fruits, vegetables and olive products locally and our fresh dairy products and eggs are “baladeh”. Kalei serves sourdough bread by the Sadalsuud Foundation, which we consume a lot of considering a big chunk of our menu consists of seasonal things on toast. We work with less than a handful of home-bakers that make fantastic cakes and desserts for our daily display of sweets. Though we serve vegan and gluten-free options, and our sweets are on the less sweet side, we don’t compromise on deliciousness. A treat is a treat. You can have your food to go – we invest in packaging that is friendlier to the environment as part of our company-wide eco exercise which includes recycling, composting and responsible waste management.

We often ask ourselves if something can be done, and more often than not, we try to lock the cycle. This is why Kalei’s retail goes beyond coffee beans to offer extensive solutions and options for preparing and consuming a better cup of coffee. We’re official reseller of Japanese coffee equipment masters Hario, and offer more lines by makers such as ACAIA, KeepCup, and some coffee percolators by Alessi.
We get excited about collaborating with likeminded people. The people behind The Carton, are an example of that. The publishing office that specializes in food culture and the Middle East opened its first brick and mortar, The Carton Shop, on the premise of this Kalei property. Just as you step on Kalei’s front porch, you will be met with a cozy little shop that stocks all their printed editions among other products they produce. A particular favorite of ours is their very own arak, tanné, which we also serve at Kalei.