Rue 54

The Kalei Coffee Co. set up its flagship operation in what used to be the Coconi House, in a secluded alleyway of the Mar Mikhael/Rmeil district of Beirut. The building was abandoned in 1984, during the Lebanese civil war that extended from 1975 to 1990. The moment we stepped into the house’s garden we knew it was the one. Part of it was the undeniable feeling of being in a home, and the temporary seclusion it provides; a quick escape from the hustle that’s just a stone’s throw away.The old structure was preserved, no unnecessary paint, no added embellishment and most importantly, no demolition. We let the existing space dictate how we operated. And so it began. It was September of 2016 that Kalei’s first coffee house and roastery opened its doors for people to gather and share moments, while paying respect to the past.